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Blogger Interview: financial analyst by day, beauty & fashion blogger by night – Pam is rocking it!

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” – with this quote I want to start this interview, because is the one from Coco that I really like and at the same time it is a favorite one of Pam, the fashion blogger I want you to meet today. Pamella, shortly Pam, is a 25 years old girl with a big fashion dream, but not only dream, more a fashion real life. She is from sunny Sao Paolo in Brazil, and at the moment she is based in London. Her blog is an interesting story of her impressions of world and life, and her expressions of style and things she like. She says that her passions includes movies, music, travelling (despite being mortified of flying), working out and baking, even though she suck pretty bad at that 🙂 But today I want to represent her fashion story, because she is brilliant in it! Enjoy!

When did you start blogging and how did you come to the idea?
I’ve always enjoyed writing and at some point in my life I wanted to go into journalism but moving to two different countries in less than a year changed my plans a little. Instead, I went on to study Economics and in my new job fresh out of university I was doing little to no writing. I needed to express my thoughts and ideas on topics I loved somewhere and my diary wasn’t cutting it, so the idea of a blog came up. I always wanted my own little spot on the internet given that I thoroughly enjoyed learning from other bloggers. On a bright sunny Saturday afternoon, I remember sitting in my room and thinking, “why not!”. So there I was creating my very first blog post and beginning an exciting new chapter of my life. It has been almost 3 years since I first pushed that Publish button!

Who is your style icon? Why?
I don’t really have one but if I had to pick fashionistas that I am always excited to see on my Instagram feed they would be Camila Coelho and Thassia Naves (fellow Brazilian bloggers!). Their style is so diverse, and I love their take on the latest trends in the fashion and beauty world. I was so inspired by how they rocked the really-hard-to-pull-off white boots that I just had to get me a pair. That is one trend I never thought I’d ever be caught wearing!
How do you describe your personal style? What are your inspirations?
I like a bit of everything; there are some days when I wake up feeling extremely girly and some days when I want to live in something comfy like yoga pants and an oversized hoodie. During the week for my 9-5 job, I am mostly in business attire which is not my favourite, to be honest. During the weekend is when I get to play with trends and different combinations and winter is my favourite fashion season so think cosy sweaters, a million pairs of boots and all the pretty coats out there. I love drawing inspiration from fashion magazines and Instagram, and I’ve recently started to pin some of my favourite outfits on Pinterest too.
What are the essential pieces you must have in your closet?
For spring and summer, I love my denim jacket and a pair of Ray Bans. In the winter I always turn to over-the-knee boots in different colours and a stylish puffer coat, and throughout the year I always find a way to wear my leather jackets and white trainers.
How often do you post? How do you come up with post ideas?
In 2017 I posted less content than I would have liked, but hey I got married so that was my priority for a good couple of months. I hope during 2018 my schedule can go back to 2-3 posts a week, but it’s not something I set in stone nor punish myself if I don’t achieve. Blogging for me needs to be fun and not feel like a chore, so it is all about publishing good content on my own schedule and not something rushed just for the sake of having a new post up. I want to focus even more on fashion this year as well as branch into lifestyle. I am really into interior design at the minute and I definitely want to share a few before and after shots of some spaces I’ve changed around the house. I love seeing this kind of posts on other blogs and platforms so it is for sure something I want to try out.
What would you describe the biggest challenge in fashion blogging?
Hands down the comparison to others and increasing competition. The fashion blogging space is incredibly saturated at the minute with new blogs popping up left and right and competition has never been higher. In an increasing industry, it is hard to stand out and not compare yourself to others. Often you will find yourself asking why that influencer has that many followers and you don’t, why the brand you love picked someone else to work on their campaign, etc. Whenever I catch myself thinking about such things I have to remember why I started blogging in the first place and how it is supposed to be fun. If people like my style and decide to follow me, hey that’s great. Similarly, if a brand I love wants to work with me, that’s amazing. If you’re happy with what you’re doing and if you’re giving it your all, good things will come even if they take a little time.
What is the greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger?
Getting to know all the amazing people on the internet! I’ve made blogger friends, some which I have met in real life, and they’re the loveliest people. We can talk about the same struggles we face with blogging, share tips and insights with each other and really be there for one another. It is difficult to talk about blogging with someone who doesn’t do it nor really understand how it works, as they often think it’s something really easy to pull off which it most certainly isn’t.
A fashion rule you never break?
Rules were made to be broken and I love pushing the boundaries. Some rules I often break are mixing gold and silver jewellery and mixing prints. But one thing I would NEVER do is wear white to someone’s wedding. I actually wrote a post about what not to wear to a wedding if you’re a guest a few months before I got married and shared it across all my social media to ensure everyone would see and to avoid any surprises on my big day.
What do you splurge on?Beauty and fragrances! Don’t get me wrong, I have some real drugstore favourites but there is something about high-end makeup that just draws me to it. I am obsessed with Chanel lipsticks and Dior nail polishes, and Jo Malone perfumes are to die for!
From your point of view, what is the notable trend for the upcoming season?Last year minimalist jewellery as the it thing, but for 2018 I see statement earrings and accessories sticking around. Tassel earrings aren’t going anywhere, and I love how a statement pair of earrings can really jazz up an outfit. Similarly, the newsboy cap trend is not over yet and I know I will be wearing mine right into spring.
Do you make money from your blog? Any advice for others?For the past year or so, I’ve had the opportunity to monetise more of my content but I’m not ready to quit my day job just yet. Brands are often willing to gift products in exchange for a review or a mention, and that was fine at the beginning of my blogging journey. Now I look for opportunities that I can get rewarded for my time spent on coming up with the blog post idea, shooting photos for it, writing the content and editing it. A lot goes into a blog post and free products don’t cut it anymore; it’s all about never selling yourself short!
What has been your most successful blog post till now and what was it about? 3 months after I started blogging, I wrote a post about these new affordable drugstore lipsticks that had come out. It includes a full review of each shade, swatches and photos on how they look on me. These lipsticks are still quite popular, so it is one of those atemporal blog posts which was relevant then but it is still very much relevant today.
How do you see your blog in 5 years?I really hope I am still doing this 5 years on, with improved photography, and relevant non-cliché content. By then I expect the family to have expanded, so maybe share a few more lifestyle/mummy posts too! I want blogging to continue to be fun and something I really enjoy doing.
Is there anything that you want to share with us which was not included in the list?I will leave you a quote instead which is something I try to live by to: “All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.”

Designer – Vera Wang (I am obsessed with her wedding dresses!)
Fashion Brand- Gucci
Color- I want to say blue but in reality black; I could wear black all day every day!
Quote – “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent

How can people connect with you?

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Thanks Pam, chatting with you was lovely!

And you Dear Readers, don´t miss the chance to see what this lovely young lady has to say and show! Stay fashionable!